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Julong Was Identified as The Lightweight Automotive Innovation Base

Julong was recognized as the "Auto Lightweight Innovation Base" at National Auto Lightweight Technology Innovation Strategic Alliances Conference in Rizhao, China on May 09, 2017. The VP Li Maoyan and the R&D Engineer Wang Xiang participated in the conference. 

Automotive Lightweight Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance was founded by 12 members inculding Society of Automotive Engineers of China(SAE-China), FAW, DONGFENG, GEELY and other five OEMs, as well as China Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Jilin University. The alliance aims at "cooperation, innovation, win-win and common prosperity". The mission is to achieve the key technology and break the blocks of developing automotive lightweight technology through joint research. 

In November 2016, the alliance initiated to recruit the new members of automotive light weight innovation base. Julong is the only member who is the manufacturer of non-metallic materials, which fully proves that Julong has made the great effort to support automotive light weight.

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